Take Control Of Your Calendar

Prevent your days from being filled with back-to-back meetings by automatically blocking off time in your Google Calendar. 

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Control Your Day

Reduce Back-to-Backs

Automatically add a meeting buffer to your calendar after you've spent too much time in back-to-back meetings. Buffer my meeting will add a Busy event to your calendar which prevents you from being booked. 

Control Your Breaks

Make sure you've got time to prepare for your next meting, grab a coffee or just get some uninterrupted work time. Set a buffer after a several hours of meetings, or just one. It's up to you. 

Works with Google Calendar

This is a custom add-on for Google Calendar.

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How Does it Work?

Monitor Your Calendar

Buffer My Meeting will monitor your Google Calendar for busy events that meet your criteria to trigger a buffer. So if you want a break after 2 hours of meetings Buffer My Meeting looks for all consecutive busy events that add up to 2 hours or more and will add a buffer event immediately after that meeting. 

Free events in your calendar are ignored and not counted toward your buffer trigger. 

Buffer My Meeting monitors your calendar 30 days.